26 March 2020

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves,

and, under a just God, cannot long retain it."

-- Abraham Lincoln



There’s too much that just doesn’t add up, doesn’t hold as real or true.  The longer we endure the virus hysteria, and the ever more serious ramifications of global lockdown, the more my own mind shrugs with complete disbelief.


Taking into consideration, that there’s an estimated 650,000 deaths from seasonal flu every year.  As I write this, the reported number of deaths from Covid-19 is 24,000, with just over half a million apparently infected.  Yet if you think about it, under normal conditions, as winter turns to spring, a little seasonal flu is of the normal, we wouldn’t think twice about it ‘it’s just a cold’ a few paracetamol, some honey and lemon – no panic.  Yet, now under the threat of a killer virus; we’re all calling the doctor, and our government health lines concerning the slightest of symptoms, and with it, every call being made is being logged and added to the ever rising statistics?


I am not denying the existence of a virus, but nor am I buying into the draconian measures, and new laws now being enforced by our governments to contain it.  However, since our ex-UK Prime-Minister, Gordon Brown came out demanding, ‘…world leaders, and the G20 create a temporary form of global government to tackle the twin medical and economic crises caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.’ I trust nothing. Certainly, I don’t believe anything pertaining to Covid-19 is by chance; instead, I see only bio-warfare, and nations of people being controlled by fear, for the sole purpose of the implementation of One World Government [World Company] with a single global market place, policed by One World Army, with us all restricted to One World [Central] Bank using One Global Digital Currency.


Farewell all freedom!


Whilst aware, I’m writing about what few want to think about, let alone read about. Saying it as it is, but most of the population is presently, concerned with things much closer to home.  Like, whether they are still going to have a job at the end of all this?  The point is, if our Elite Rulers roll this lot out, we can all say goodbye to life as we ever knew it, because this is the end for the working classes.  This is total economic meltdown. 


Instead, the future as it is being outlined by the Bilderberg Group, the G20 and the United Nations. Is that every man, woman and child on this planet will soon be deemed as ‘one international identity, observing, one set of universal values.’ There will be no middle class, only rulers and servants, existing in a zero-growth society without prosperity, with only greater wealth and power for the Elite.  We will be beholden to one Legal System, and the imposing of one UN tax, and a single global Welfare State and Education System where obedient slaves will be rewarded, and non-conformists like me, will be targeted for extermination.


They want us dead!


Alas, I’m not exaggerating, I’m not telling you anything that can’t be verified. Still, you must look beyond the bollox of Wikipedia, and the naked doublespeak of the Orewellian mass media chanting of our endless bright future and do some proper research. Albeit, they are policing the internet so severly, anything contrary to their plans is being swiftly removed.  Yet, please trust me, this is my subject of choice, years of being the observer and the researcher; a life time of being written off by my family and friends as the mad conspiracy theorist – but now, just at the point in which its nearly too late, and I can find no comfort in nice words, suddenly, my staunchest of critics are allowing me some credit for being right.


Still, whatever my personal frustration has been is wholly irrelevant, because what is happening is terrifying, and the plans being put in place are now so advanced, that unless we the masses 'We, The People of the World' get our heads around the severity of our position, and imminently act to prevent the near inevitable. In the very near future, forget our once free nations, in this new dark age, countries will be a thing of the past, every form of human independence will be under attack, the remnants of a once free humanity, as in those not killed off by the virus, or more likely its mandatory killer vaccination [designed to mutate our DNA for the terror of Nanotechnology] will be duly forced to now exist within highly controlled compact prison like cities.  Honestly, this will be The Hunger Games.


Travel is about to be vastly restricted, and while super-highways will connect our mega cities, they will soon, keep the greater population from entering all unauthorized zones, and secluded rural areas, duly keeping 'the desperate starving masses' away from their Elite compounds and gated communities, that will be guarded with military force, and no doubt weapons of mass destruction. Certainly, recent weeks are showing us this is becoming real, with drones now policing our more popular scenic areas, everything is being taken away from us and they will not be giving it back.


Yet still, the increasing problem is that soon no human activity will be private, surveilance is now so extreme, AI super computers will chronical and categorize our every action, while a worldwide spacefence/SMART grid will follow our every move. Whether this is through a soon enforced chip, or the use of nano-technology, it is real, our phones themselves, like a weapon of mass destruction. It is as it is, we are living within a programme of complete de-humanization where the science of tyranny is the law.


This is the world the Elites are preparing for us, as they now set in place legal mechanisms and internal security forces to strip us of all our liberty. This week in the UK, Boris Johnson just fast tracked new laws, that will give the Police and Immigration Officers the right to stop and detain without evidence, merely on suspicion. While under the Mental Health Act any individual can now be detained indefinitely on a single medical signature, not two.


Jesus, if that's not hardcore enough, authorities also now carry the right to closedown premises and businesses with impunity, whilst under the same bill we are now constrained from holding gatherings of no greater than two people. Two people, ffs most families are bigger? And whilst, all of this is ‘wrapped up’ as relative to containing and limiting the freedom of movement necessary to contain Covid-19. 


Let’s not pretend that in six months’ time, or maybe sooner, if we would only wake up to the fact that all this is a farce and create a little civil unrest?  Alas, that is exactly what they are scared of, but hey, without doubt these new laws, will be used to stop each and all of us from any form demonstration or small gathering capable of exposing what's really going on. It is as it is, We, The People are the voiceless, now being muted. 


It is as George Orwell wrote “A society becomes totalitarian when its structure becomes flagrantly artificial, this is when its ruling class has lost its function but succeeds in clinging to power by force or fraud.” Alas dear souls, we know what is happening is fraud, what we are now witnessing is all the Elite have left, which is force.


Yet, the longer we pretend this dystopian world is not imminent, the more unprepared and disempowered we will be.  Very soon no one, unless he or she is part of the Ruling Elite, will have the resources to survive alone. The consequences of Covid-19 on both employment and small businesses are yet to be fully imagined, without doubt these unprecedented circumstances are going to leave millions of families in a state of financial breakdown and desperate uncertainty.  Whilst making our reliance on large conglomerates for our basic needs ever more unavoidable and placing us all exactly where our rulers want us – irrevocably reliant on the ’Corporate State.’


In Britain, nearly 500,000 people applied for welfare (Universal Credit) over the last nine days, jesus, we’re only five days into full lockdown.  Really, there are no words, I've really struggled writing this piece, because it is as depressing as it gets.  The American Indians have long foretold all of this, saying, "It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth's people." Folks, we are standing at the crossroads...


What do we do?


Wake the fuck up? Stop believeing the official narrative, it has been created for the sole purpose of hoodwinking you.  Believe me when I tell you the 1% want us dead, trust the anti-vaxxers, understand that the most poisonous substance to the human body is heavy metal, which is ofcourse the foundation for every vaccine  Comprehend that the virus is the disguise, the statistics mean nothing, they're simply accounting every death and sneeze as Covid-19 to perpetuate fear and implement this lockdown.  Yet more tragically, because of our hysteria, and the ease with which we will be held in extended lockdown, nearly every small business and job associated with it, is going to fold, and with it we are about to witness a financial crisis of such unprecedented proportions, that the greater part of the global population is about to be ricocheted off the wall. 


Yet, please understand that none of this is by chance, all of this is a part of the plan to enslave us to One World Government.  Now, but moments away from the very worst case scenario; next, they will determine that we must rid society of all cash, based on the idea that it is responsible for spreading the virus? Ffs please, this cannot happen, if this happens mankind will loose the very last piece of leverage we have with which to save ourselves. While we maintain cash, we retain the ability to bring them down, as I've said before, if in unity we choose to withdraw all our money from the banks, we can break the System.  If the plans for a cashless society happen, they have complete control of us, and there will be no turning back.


Still, within all the horror of what we are confronted with, there are certain things we must each swiftly endevour towards in order to protect ourselves.  Namely, getting off grid; doing all we can to sever ourselves from our daily reliance on corporations.  To do so, this isn't just about growing vegetables, instead the focus must be on building small independent, sustainable communities and working together to survive, using alternative forms of power. The less we need corporations the freer we will become. This needs to be true in every aspect of our lives, including all food production, education, journalism, artistic expression and work. We are all being called to embrace a new life, while the vision is of something futuristically-bygone, and while we each have to accept a long period of reconstruction ahead of us - the future will be communal.


Just as, tomorrow demands we are brave humans, not scared slaves...