21 March 2020

“If the world will attain its utmost peace and stability; and contentions be limited,

then the ideology, philosophy and mentality of people in the world should be shifted

from the more you acquire the more valuable you are, to the more you give

the more important you are and with the mentality that giving

is a sacred responsibility and not a competition”

― Ernest Agyemang Yeboah



The Virus: the unavoidable, all-consuming present topic of 2020. 


Yet while the virus itself is one thing, it’s the terminology being used and endlessly brandished on the subject, that I find interesting.  Self-isolation and social distancing, being the favourites.  Two terms that will no doubt be forever identified with this time.  Yet, these are terms, that remain entirely descriptive of the overriding social changes that have occurred here, in the West, over the last fifty to a hundred years.


While this is lockdown, and how our government’s demand we live right now. Yet come on, this is how we live, this is what seventy-five, eighty years of TV, and now, smart phones and PlayStation has conclusively achieved.  A population living almost exclusively in a state of socially distant isolation.  Without doubt technology has been an incredible achievement.  It’s an advancement that has enriched our daily lives so abundantly, that our dependence on it, now demands that other people and most social interaction with the greater community is almost surplus to requirement and completely nil and void.


I’m laughing, but it is as it is.  Yet hey, in the deluge of media on the subject of the virus, there was a comment I caught on Twitter, that actually, made me laugh out loud, it read, ‘Wow, witnessing the panic over Covid-19, and you begin to understand why the government hasn’t told the public about the Aliens yet.’ 


Alas, all this technology, and I do always wonder why so few appear to put two and two together; here, writing this on an Alienware laptop?  It is as it is, but personally, I do stand of the mind that we live in a multi-dimensional universe, and that our extra-terrestrial brothers have been around long before they built Area 51. 


Yet, it remains thought-provoking to read articles on ‘the Velon and the Annunaki’ that make comments about the technological advancements of the human race stating, ‘Whilst man would have ultimately evolved to develop similar technology, the issue concerning the early introduction of it by the Annunaki, and why it has been of detrimental consequence to the human race, is that The People were not yet evolved enough to psychologically process the implications of it.’


Certainly, having played witness to the reaction of small kids and teenagers having their phones and PlayStation’s removed due to bad behaviour and overuse, and my own behaviour when barred from Twitter, would confirm this.  Really though, back in 1995, working in London, and in part responsible for the Sony launch for the original PlayStation at the Natural History Museum.  I look back, it was twenty-five years ago; I'd no idea what I was helping to initiate. Yet, here we are, the Gaming Industry is now greater than the Music and Film Industries put together.  And, PlayStation itself, has become the nanny for every mother across the globe.


Meanwhile, because they have never developed their hands, learning to make, paint and create things as children, we now have a generation of kids, whose hands remain as hopeless as a pair of flippers. Yet, as is ‘the internet’ of all truth, today, we are nations of individuals now so consumed by the virtual world, that we are actually struggling to partake in the mundane reality of life itself.  The New World Order is fast implementing their plans for Full Spectrum Dominance and complete enslavement of the entire human race and our likes on TikTok and Twitter remain more critical?


Ffs, I’m being utterly facetious, but really, I’m floundering with how fast humanity is degenerating. I blame feminism too, because to ‘the selflessness’ necessary for good parenting, it’s been like Health & Safety has been to having fun.  While I’ve no overriding concern for the empty shelves on ‘Maleism’ but liberalism is an oxymoron.


At nearly every juxtaposition of the liberal mind, another little bit of something once held as sacred gets diminished.  All the endeavour for equality of the sex’s, yet women aren’t men, our roles were never meant to be paralleled.  As a woman that’s had her own business, been married, divorced, bought up a kid as a single mother; lived the liberal minded ‘feminist’ example of a contemporary woman.  Today, older and able to reflect; conscious of my more misguided earlier perceptions, reality is, you can’t do both, you can’t be a great mother and a brilliant career woman. Something must give…


…like our kids, off to school and some soulless after school club? Alas, while for too many there is no alternative. Yet, there’s more to this, and while the understanding is that all any of us do, is try our best.  Since we, women went off to join the boys in the boardroom, where have our communities gone? Dad’s not at home, the kids aren’t playing in the streets, but in their rooms with OD, CD, ADHD and a PlayStation. Granny’s not on the doorstep, she’s dribbling with dementia in an OAP’s Home down the road, the neighbours used to keep an eye on her, but hey, we don’t know who they are any longer.  The allotment’s grown over, Mum’s no time to cook, so, it’s pizza on Thursday, and Chinese on Friday, with a couple of cans of Coke and some crisps inbetween.  Shall, I go on…


Alas, I feel awful writing this, but it’s the truth; we blame society, we blame the bastard fucking boyfriend, and the fucking government.  Yet, the truth lies far closer to home.  We love our kids, but they’re suffering; Mortal Combat II is not a good mother.  Personally, I live in regret; wishing I’d given my son more time, taught him more, shared more of myself with him, but instead, I lived ever divided between him and what was for me, my art, doing neither of them justice.   While forty-five percent of marriages end in divorce and a quarter of the world’s children are now being bought up by single parents. It is not a choice to be taken lightly, neither fair on child nor parent. Today, add the cost of childcare, and the added breakdown of the greater community and the support it once offered, it’s even harder.  Alas, the pressures within how society is functioning at the moment, are all consumming, it's too much, its not working - we're breaking down, not up.  We're degenerating.


At the 2009, Vancouver Peace Summit the Dalai Lama stated, ‘the world will be saved by the Western woman.’ Of course, as a Western woman it’s a statement I’ve considered deeply, certainly, against the backdrop of what mankind is presently facing, it’s a statement I’d like to believe.  Yet, if we are going to take on the responsibility, it will require not only great change, but it absolutely demands we educate our children differently.


Alas, more than anything, while we are faced with an extended period of reconstruction ahead of us, that demands we work together to rebuild our communities and nurture all those young and old within it.  Yet really, we women need our dignity back; liberal feminism has done us no favours, cheapening our true value, forcing an unreal competitiveness between us, and demonishing not only our sacred role in society, but the belief that we too are sacred.


Girl’s we need our Goddess back.