‘This is her desk; it's piled high with things she wants to do, create, change and alter.  A woman, a mother and an artist; the crowned queen of her own realm, this is her kingdom…’

‘Who am I?’ its a question I’ve asked myself so often. Really, I don't know who I am, sometimes I feel all powerful, here, to change the world.  Other time's, merely meek. Older now, I understand only that the 21st Century is no easy place for any of us to exist. Living at a point in time being billed as ‘the end of times.’ I will say, I’m a woman sensitive to the prevailing environment and the culpable myth of untruth that has become us all.

Yet as a mother, prepared to fight like a savage beast to protect my child and all those of tomorrow. I don’t see these as ‘the end of times’ the vision instead, is for the end of the Old World and the building of a grand new one.

However in the consideration of building a grand new Aquarian Age, one in which our children are safe, our communities thrive once more and nature blossoms again. We are all confronted with a period of transition, an extended period of healing and reconstruction ahead of us.

Alive, aware and consciously focussed on how to to help. The words of Oliver Wendell Holmes ring in my ears ‘Life is a romantic business, it is painting a picture not doing a sum, but you have to make the romance, and it will come to the question of how much fire you have in your belly.’

As an artist, creatively the understanding is ‘Art should give life shape.’ This site, atherdesk.com is about life; my life. Like a portfolio of snippets, the wriitten word, some photography, painting’s. a love of music. other works in progress, and a quest to help change perceptions.

As a writer, I’m not a journalist, writing the facts and argument with a balanced perspective, that allows for the reader to conclude to their own conclusion on a specific subject. Instead, my opinion's are moulded by what I’ve paid witness to and experienced personally.

An anarchist with no patience for politics, nor time for the Royal, Religious and Military programmed Western System that dictates ‘no benefit’ beyond The People’s ever greater de-population and enslavement.

“Archon Begone.”

Yet ‘Who is KosieT?’ What’s in a name? The truth is KosieT has been someone to hide behind for years, a nick name I’ve had since near birth. That has usefully hidden me from ‘Who I really am...’ and helped me survive on a different street. An anti-political, anarchist; I've struggled with being an aristocrat too. Especially when you know the Ruling Elite are as ignorant as the Working Classes remain uneducated. KosieT has been helpful. Mines been an idiot's life, gifted with a perspective that few are afforded.  Whilst most write their auto-biographies because they are famous, mine could potentially catapult ‘these end of times and bring down The Establishment’ or have me shot?

Born the daughter of an English Lord. Growing up in the big house in the village. Not allowed to play with the kid’s in the village because ‘I was too grand...’ I understand only that this mind-fuck, this indoctrination of Class, dictated by this now ancient Feudal System of Royal, Religious, and Military power that rules us.  Is just the result of hundred’s of years of merciless mind-programming. Generation after generation of us shepherded as sheep into a Class System.  Slowly moulded into a mindset of religious seperation, financial dependency controlled by a now terrifying military force.  All of us ruled by a tiny Elite and a Royal few, whose obscene wealth is the taxes we've been paying since fucking 1066 or whenever, by the law of some Magna Carta, that insists 'We, The People' hand over our freedom to exist in a system of imprisoned poverty?

Ffs Come on, where’s the spiritual chic in that?


This is certain.

I know this. The rebel daughter who knows her streets. We’ve all been programmed; none of us our free of it. The Working Classes to believe they are not worthy of greater choices, the Ruling Elite to believe we are some how better than. Moulded from birth, brainwashed to this Game of God, Money, and War, existing within the comfortable bubble of wealth, seperated from 'the common people.'  Shapes the mind too, a man who believes he is better than another by birth or otherwise, is he who will accept and continue to endorse ‘the endless war and slaughter of millions.'

Honestly, we’ve all been hoodwinked into superiority or infiriority, each of us educated accordingly.

Whilst I’m so grand, so posh; my father and grandfather 'the big boy's' at the very forefront of the greatest global changes of the 20th Century. It is as it is, my lineage is remarkable. I can even claim that London’s Houses of Parliament was built from the stone from my own family’s quarry. Imagine the family Karma on that...ffs???

Which I’m presuming gives me ‘some god-given right’ to now 'TAKE IT DOWN?' All its secrets, noxious nastiness and paedophilia. Myself, now some self-appointed Girl Fawkes, here, to blow it up? Lara Toff about to ninja the absolute downfall of The Establishment??? I do dream of it, telling my story and toppling the Queen from her false church?

I could. Believing absolutely... 




Maybe I will. Yet to bust the falsity of the System on which the Western Mind is built on, you would have to present an alternative. A new System. A new consideration? A new foundation on which to encompass the equal well being of all???

I think about these things. Intrinsic, held at the core of my being all my life has been this one idea. It’s name is The Idee Fixe. Subsequently if you are reading this page; while atherdesk.com can be considered as a creative hard-drive of the life and times of some woman called KosieT?

As the more complex creative I was born to be, in this effort to do or achieve something honourable, give something back? The Idee Fixe is my magnum opus. The creative manifestation I care about the most. The Idee Fixe is a blueprint for a new System.  Something society could re-construct itself on? In an effort to turn chaos into form, to understand The Idee Fixe is to recognise it as the ‘System of Understanding’ on which all human existence is constructed upon.  It is the sacred geometry of every man, woman and child alive today.  It is what it is to be human, it's the map of who we are and 'the adventure of the journey' we individuallly take from birth to death.

While it remains an unfinished tapestry.  This is a translation...