09 April 2020

“People can change anything they want to,

and that means everything in the world.” ― Joe Strummer




Joe also said, “Authority is supposedly grounded in wisdom, but I could see from a very early age that authority was only a system of control and it didn't have any inherent wisdom. I quickly realised that you either became a power or you were crushed.”
Alas these days, it's easy to mistake power for authority, with too many taking authority as truth, rather than truth as authority.
Still “I’m with Joe” because right now mankind is being crushed. Alas, I really miss Joe; irreplaceable and irrevocably probably the greatest global icon of our time, in both the East and the West.  Jesus, I’ve been in wild tribal outback’s on distant Eastern shores, when someone’s put on a Clash track and I’ve witnessed shanti Casbar’s rock like they were the Hammersmith Odeon. 

It is as it is, he was, is Britain’s one great advocate; even those with the smallest of musical knowledge, hold an undiminishable respect for Joe Strummer.  If anyone could represent the ‘We’ in The People, Joe’s our man.  Of course, he’s dead; but seemingly, so is God.  And alas, right now mankind’s position is so fucking daunting, everyone of us needs to be praying, and really, from where I stand, if you don’t believe in god, then, ffs pray to Joe.

Listen, I fuck up loads; ever evolving, but I’ve been writing about Covid-19 and my fears of One World Government. I haven’t been wrong, but nor have I understood it all exactly. Conscious, aware that my mind had holes in how it all linked together.  Then, this morning I watched a video, narrated by a man who used to work for Vodafone.  I can’t tell you his name, because he was obviously, and rightly, protecting his identity.  Yet, titled ‘Biggest Deception of the Whole World End Game Plan.’ Perhaps, not the warmest of titles, but it was concise in its explanation of the 5G connection to everything that’s going on. 


Still, ten minutes after I’d watched it, You Tube took it down depicting, ‘This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Community Guidelines.’ It was taken down, because it explained exactly in layman’s terms, why we need to be praying to Joe. Yet hey, as is Free Speech, this video and seemingly, every other piece of media containing anything resembling the truth, is presently being removed with such a hostile virulence, it only confirms the enormity of the cover up taking place. 

Folks, we are in clear and present danger of multiple Elite Agenda’s.

It is as the Native American’s have always said, "It is this time that the light skinned race will be given a choice between two roads. If they choose the right road, then the Seventh Fire will light the Eighth and final Fire, an eternal fire of peace, love brotherhood and sisterhood. If the light skinned race makes the wrong choice of the roads, then the destruction which they brought will come back at them and cause much suffering and death to all the Earth's people."

We are, we’re standing at the crossroads, and it’s like this is The Gloaming, the moment between light and dark in which every man, woman and child must now decide upon which road ‘We, The People’ are going to choose?

It’s tricky, in this moment it’s as if the whole world is struggling with what to believe, between the sheer bollox of so much fake news, all the conspiracy theories, and the naked doublespeak of the Orewellian mainstream media.  Our heads are wobbling, the only thing certain ‘trust nothing.’

Here, in lockdown staying with a dear friend, who works for one of the largest media groups in the world.  I’ve been learning a lot, certainly, I hadn’t understood to what extent the dominant media are restricted.  As, in the stories they stand in possession of, against what they can publish, or what they must do by way of dressing their language, so as not to incriminate themselves. It is as it is, the mainstream press doesn’t print the truth; it doesn’t possess the freedom to do so. Added to which, the reality is, most editors and even politicians, are no more alert to the Elite Global Agenda than the greater population.

Yet, whatever the official narrative, the only certainty is that it is not the truth, because one thing is very clear ‘Corona Virus is not all the problem.’ Certainly, we are witnessing the symptoms of a virus, but what still too many are unaware of is that, as Mr. Vodafone explained so well, these are also the exact symptoms of 5G radio spectrum radiation.  While it's maybe not so diffiuclt for me to get my head around all of this, I've read Elana Freeland's 'Chemtrails, HAARP, and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth' - subsequently, I've been observing all this for a longtime.

Yet hey, think for a moment about what it means to be human, we are what we are, we’re natural born energetic sentient beings.  We are the creation of matter, sensation, perception, mental formations and consciousness.  We are the total expression of what we think, eat and do, and energetically we exude as individuals, what is, the combination of each of these elements.  As in, consider two men walking down the street towards you, there’s the super fit lad, with the sparkly eyes, who’s just got himself a new girlfriend, his face beaming with excitement and anticipation. And then, there’s the overweight guy, who has lost his job, and has just been prescribed anti-depressants.  It is as it is, as human beings we are capable of intuitively recognising the energetic difference between the two men.  Powered by oxygen, we are natural balls of pulsing electro-magnetics’ attracting those of similar vibration, while remaining ever sensitive and emotionally in line with the balance of our wellbeing. Whilst ever more spiritually capable of greater intuition.


Alas, right now, the world is in a position in which our ignorance might kill us all.  It is as it is, the Elite Cartel that is presently running this world have no investment in telling us the truth, because as far as they’re concerned, the world would be a far better place if the greater majority of us died.  Alas, they have a point, we are behaving like idiots.  Like wanton wasters existing without care, thought or precaution for the future – we want what we want.

Yet, look at us; in the 1920’s, the global population was two billion, today we are 7.8 billion.  Really, come on!  7.8 billion people all wanting what we want, it can’t be sustained, at least not in the way we exist right now.  Subsequently, while I could never agree with the Elite Agenda to de-populate and sterilise the greater part of the population, while this is the starkest of truth, it remains understandable.  On mass, we are behaving like vermin, destroying the worlds resources, poisoning everything we touch – our behaviour is vile, filthy, the lowest of the low. We’re now so removed from all essence of nature, and what is natural to us, that we no longer view anything as sacred; we’re scum.

Subsequently, understanding this, it’s easy to understand why the official narrative is the Covid-19 story.  While meanwhile, what’s being masked is that it is the switch to 5G that is potentially going to be responsible for killing billions of us, unless we swiftly wise up. While all of this should be understood as a deliberate strategy, and yes, the symptoms are of a virus, but so are the symptoms of cell poisoning created by 5G radiation, it is our bodies reacting to the electrification of our environment.

If we are to take Mr. Vodafone at his word, it takes six months for the radiation to take full effect.  The first city to have blanket 5G back in 2019, was Wuhan.  Then, as we know, both Spain and Italy, and Japan, who today declared emergency status, all have total coverage installed. As do cruise ships, most hospitals, nearly all major cities and airports.  It’s insane, but it’s real, we’re being Wi-Fried.

Yet, sadly as Mark Twain wrote ‘no amount of evidence will convince an idiot’ but it doesn’t take rocket science to add this together.  Here, in Britain, we’re just another example, our highest death rates are specific to the areas where 5G has been rolled out.  Yet really, how can anyone of us not comprehend that 5G would not have a detrimental effect on our health? Wouldn’t disturb the natural electro-magnetic patterns of our bodies and minds? For feck, it’s billed by experts ‘as a directed energy and connectivity weapon for human control and genocide’ – which to the natural sensitivities of our bodies is the same as trying to exist in a fucking microwave.

Yet, to fuel our wanton desires, and the whole Internet of Things, the great AI push, Alexa and our electric cars, seemingly, we must understand that 5G is needed? Of course, we all want what we want.  Who cares if it’s killing us? Jesus, and this is really, only a tiny part of the ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’ that’s really being implemented. The average man has no conception of the Space Fence, or the geo-engineering that has been taking place, dispersing conductive heavy metals, gems, minerals, and nano tech into the atmosphere, to create a massive swarm of intelligent nanobots, that create a vast computer like, Smart Grid surrounding the planet.  Meanwhile, Climate Change remains the official narrative to deny the ionization of our skies making all this possible.

While the narrative for the Space Fence deems it as an advanced radar system for tracking orbital objects, coupled with high-frequency secure communication satellites to provide communication services for military operations on Earth, on land, at sea and in the air. 

Yet, we should understand, this is their raison d'etre; the Space Fence is already up and running. It’s been awaiting only the linchpin of a fully implemented 5G wireless networks for total societal control.  This is the END GAME… while the greater population has been watching Love Island, our evil Overlords, the secret Deep State, have initiated a plan so grossly vile, it intends not only total surveillance, but by manipulating our DNA with nanotechnology, the intention is to neurologically control each and every one of us, morphing those of us that do survive the radiation, into nodding transhuman-nano beings.

Really, how removed from our greater spiritual purpose can mankind become? War is unacceptable, to the average soul it remains unfathomable to us, so contrary to our spiritual nature. Yet, instead of feeding the poor, our leaders invest ever more into expanding their arms and space exploration, demanding ‘it’s necessary to protect us.’ Alas, we’re all so distracted by our shiny phones and efforts for raw survival – we question nothing and fail to see that it is We, The People they are waging war against, We, The People they are enslaving.

Interestingly, this evening, David Icke is trending on Twitter for an interview he did with London Real, on this same subject ‘it’s not Corona 19 it’s 5G radiation.’ Again, You Tube has taken down the video.  Then, if it wasn’t proof enough that this is real, the BBC picked up the story denouncing Icke saying, “he falsely claimed there’s a link between 5G and this health crisis.”

They continued by stating, “Mr Icke also falsely claimed that a coronavirus vaccine, when one is developed, will include "nanotechnology microchips" that would allow humans to be controlled. He added that Bill Gates - who is helping fund Covid-19 vaccine research, should be jailed.”

Yet, as with Mr. Vodafone, David Icke didn’t falsely say anything. This is real. It’s the BBC that once again, is doing what they do best, being responsible for delivering misinformation, propaganda and outright lies, into millions of households in order to hoodwink the greater population into believing anything our Elite Rulers want them to ‘because they’re the great BBC.’    

Yet, I promise you, me, David Icke, Mr. Vodafone and thousands of others, are only desperate for everyone to understand the enormity of what’s really going on.  Ffs In 2012, Artificial Intelligence pioneer Ray Kurzweil became Director of Engineering and Chief Futurist at Google, hired to work on projects to teach machines to learn. It was then that, Kurzweil predicted that “by 2030 technological advances will allow tiny nano-bots to be injected into the bloodstream, pass through the blood-brain barrier and integrate into the brain. Our human brains can then be connected to “the cloud,” achieving a level of brilliance never thought possible. With, essentially, biological beings becoming “non-biological entities.”
Whilst such technology obviously hasn't taken so long, because as Elon Musk says he's ready for, "Humanity's future as a civilization of AI, where ultra-high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces will connect humans and computers with a nano chip."

Jesus, please can someone, tell me ‘’What gives these men the right to play God?”

Yet sadly, this is the point to this epic effort, to explain in black and white what’s truly going on.  This is what, the Native American’s meant when they said, man has a choice between two roads? Really, what’s it going to be folks? Do you want your children and grandchildren to now be morphed into non-biological Transhuman entities? Do you want to live the rest of your life being controlled by direct downloads from the ‘Thought Police?’

I can’t do it, I can’t let Bill Gates lie his way into my blood system, so that Elon Musk can rule my brain.  I can’t let them finish the working classes, turn us in to a cashless society and crash the economy by design.  Sending billions of us into untold poverty and complete dependency on upon a State that cares nothing beyond our absolute destruction.  I cannot let them continue to slaughter our natural environment with the ionization of our atmosphere, and sacrifice millions, if not billions of us at their satanic alter.

David Icke is right, every man behind this cover up, should be in prison, for they have not learnt as Joe always said, “When you're out to get the honey you don't go killing all the bees.” Still, the fundamental understanding we each seemingly, need to swiftly remember, is that we are natural born beings, therefore, the bottom line is any act against nature, is an act against us.  Really, we should now more than ever understand what C S Lewis meant, when he wrote, “We all want progress. But progress means getting nearer to the place where you want to be. And if you have taken a wrong turning then to go forward does not get you any nearer. If you are on the wrong road progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road and in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive man. There is nothing progressive about being pig-headed and refusing to admit a mistake. And I think if you look at the present state of the world it's pretty plain that humanity has been making some big mistake. We're on the wrong road. And if that is so we must go back. Going back is the quickest way on.” 

Yet, for this to happen, for mankind to get back on the right track, rightnow, we need every man, woman and child to live as Joe did, “You ain’t alive and kicking unless you’re fighting.”

Trust me, for the love of god, for the love of Joe – now’s the time, Elite rule must end, this is our last chance…