Her Stories

We think, therefore we are…

I think therefore I am.  Yet writing itself has become innate to me only over time.  Since I was a kid I’ve carried ‘the tic’ for what is a kind of inverted Tourette’s and the feeling that ‘I just can’t get it out, just can’t express it.’  The written word, has subsequently evolved as the medium that allows me to tame all the abstract obscurity of my minds crazy psychological expedition, into the better structured, grand black and white of what is my own truth, my own belief; my own understanding.

I tell it as it is, or perhaps how it feels in the moment?  Yet I enjoy writing on a platform, being able to interject the written word, with photographs, music and film, can reiterate, expand upon, underline, or just add more humour to the words.   Anyway, which ever subject adopted, intrinsically, I write about what I feel passionate about.