14 April 2020

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so... I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!" 

Carlos Castaneda





Angry… awww, I’m revelling in it, beyond angry, I’m seething, it’s pouring out of pores, vision is squiffy, boiling with it; I want blood. I want men in prison, governments toppled, and men that have sold their souls to the devil to meet him.  


I want retribution…

They say, learn to sit on the banks of Times River and wait for your enemies to float by.  It feels like I’ve been waiting forever, sat here, as day turns into night, and night turns into day, day in day out; just waiting.  Waiting for a righteousness, a righteousness that has been thwarted by darkness for centuries.  A darkness that has riled mankind to fight amongst itself and forget the vast universe to which we are connected. 


A darkness that has divided us by religion and nations and denied us all knowledge of our responibility to the collective consciousness.  A darkness that has destroyed our history, burnt our maps and medicine books, driven us off our lands, seduced us with false progress, diminishing all that was once sacred to us, destroying our communities, our families and our livelihoods.


Yet, while humanity can blame the Illuminati, the Rothschilds, the Royals and our Ruling Elite, the Freemasons, Bilderbergs and all the bastard Bankers, and are not wrong at acknowledging their involvement in our demise.  Yet, we’re such legends in our own lunch box, why can’t we accept the idea of any inter-galactic involvement? Why is it just too Star Trek for us to comprehend?


We exist in a multi-dimensional universe, come on folks! The only narrative that would explain conclusively all that has been going on and is happening today, remains the stark reality of ‘an invasion by an Alien race intent on the destruction of all mankind and total control of the Earth.’ 


As anyone that has ever taken Acid will tell you ‘Hey man! It’s bigger than you think.’ I laugh, yet really, just how small minded can we be to believe we own the universe?  I mean, who are the Velon, the Annunaki, the Jjundaa, the Johnaan, the Hathor, the Oa, the Mila, just random names touted about, but devoid of legitimacy? What about the Sirians or Pleiadeans, or the infamous Greys or the Blues are they all just products of someone’s vivid imagination?


Conscious, I’m good at writing about topics that have me immediately written off as crazy, but it’s easy for me, I’ve just got one of those minds that demands that if something doesn’t add up, doesn’t make sense, I want to know why.  The consistent ‘unnatural’ choices man makes? Why do we do it? The deliberate acts that destroy not create, the reaping of resources without consideration of future generations, the use of chemical toxins, the GMO’s and the endless disregard for the fundamental Laws of Nature.  All these things – I mean, how stupid are we? The essential understanding is that if we poison, air, earth or water, we poison ourselves, so why have we been so intent on destroying ourselves?


Or is it that we are being deceived, duped into our own destruction?


Whilst the search for proof of Alien presence and or/interference, remains akin with all esoteric and unknowable knowledge, insofar as what information there is, generally relies on the words of healers, psychics and channelled information.  Subsequently, any actual tangible proof of our Alien reality, remains wholly reliant on maintaining a strong belief in what we believe we believe.   Yet I believe it, and now, to be honest, I find it hard to consider anything to the contrary.


Certainly, I believe there are many benevolent races, those that have been helpful to the Earth and to us over many thousands of years. Alas, while they can only do so much, the rest is up to humanity itself.  Alas, humanity has a few problems, as in a few entities known as the Velon – the bastard Alien crew intent on our planet, for its gold and resources.  This I stand by, and while we are talking about entities that have been around for millions of years, it’s what the Velon have been up to for the last three hundred years that truly concerns us. Yet who are the Velon? Put their name into Google and the only reference to them, is some Scottish Cycling Team of the same name.  Alas, folks they really don't want you to know they're here!


What is known, or at least what I've come to understand, from a few of the more evolved beings I've been given the privilge of encountering, is that the Velon watched us for thousands of years before they made a move.  Observing mankind’s development, actions and aspirations, calculating how best to manipulate control over us. Waiting for the right time, it was in 1776 when the international banker, Amschel Rothschild, concluded to bring together twelve of his most trusted and influential friends and colleagues to form the Bavarian Illuminati. It was the Velon, or the Annunaki faction of them, who moved into take control of this group and have been in dominant control of ever since. With the assistance of the Illuminati, the first thing they did was to take command of the Freemasons, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad in 1778.


Next, the Illuminati re-formed the Knights Templar, the Knights had been destroyed by the Vatican and Philip IV of France in 1312.  Yet, because of the Templar’s role in safeguarding the Ark of the Covenant, and the Table of Testimony [which is believed to be a green crystal programmed with the whole of human history]. The importance of both the Freemasons and the Templars was to safeguard ‘the truth’ thus, allowing the Annunaki to begin manipulating mankind, and implanting us with ‘the untruth.’


The untruth that has completely re-written our history, and denied mankind all knowledge of its greater and real purpose.


Today, virtually everything we think we know about our history, our origins and our place within the Universe is false.  Absolute bollox.  It is as it is, within each of us lies the truth, and yet, our minds have been so programmed with ‘Annunaki Implant’ we no longer remember our own script of truth.  It is as it is, they’ve taken control of all aspects of our life – squashing all consideration of ‘The Human Plan’ and the genuine purpose of our existence.  The purpose of our existence that has aboslutely nothing to do with a 9-5 job, a large mortgage and an ever demanding tax system.  We're living a lie.


It’s like the difference between what we feel intuitively and what we think are now such worlds apart, that it has us all, kind of. suffering from some form of Dissociative Identity Disorder. Primarily, look at our attitude to war, intuitively, instinctively we each know it’s wrong and against the very nature of who we are, and yet, we’re so addled by the untruth, we noddingly accept it. View it as just something ‘mankind has always done’ – yet is it? Or is this, the untruth ‘the fantasy history’ we’ve been told by our ancestors and taught in school?


Could it also perhaps be possible, that as we all stand at the Sceptre at 11am, on the 11th of the 11th, wearing our blood red poppies of allegiance to ‘Queen & Country’ mourning the loss of our husbands and children.  That in fact, we are ignorantly standing at the Satanic Alter of our own mass-human sacrifice?


I think so…


Alas, three hundred years of Illuminati, Alien Rule and We, The People have genuinely lost all concept of who we are, why we’re here, or what we’re truly capable of. Existing terrified of both death and authority, as Covid-19 demonstrates, we’ve lost all our power, both individually and collectively. Easy to lockdown. Easy to enslave.


Yet please, I’m not judging anyone; this was exactly as their Annunaki Plan was perceived to work, this is everything they’ve intended. It is as I keep saying, they've affected every area of our existence, they’ve manipulated our history and ancient knowledge, driven us into the cities and off our lands, dominating our education, drowning us in their science and technology, while poisoning all that was once natural and organic with their chemicals, altering our diet, ionizing our atmosphere, using HAARP and CERN to manipulate our natural energetic frequency, whilst deploying weapons of mass destruction to kill vast numbers of us  – in just ten generations they’ve completely transformed both us and our environment, and called it ‘Progress.’


Yet, whilst I understand how difficult it is for many to accept how ruthlessly we’ve been hoodwinked.  Recognise how much easier it is to paint me as crazy, than ever acknowledge that what I’m saying might in all sincerity be the complete truth.  I’ve been there, when I was first told of the Velon, nearly thirty years ago, I too struggled with it – it was like two, three times more than my imagination could fathom.  Yet, today, against the backdrop of a deeply unconventional life, committed to a spiritual path that has bought me some extraordinary teachers and bestowed me with a depth of knowledge I could never have imagined.  It is as it is, we exist in a multi-dimensional universe, and the Velon are the bad boys.


Still, what are we going to do?


We need a spiritual revolution. We need to remember who we are, and why we are here.  Today, we’re so off track, with thanks to our Overlords we believe we’re held together by gravity, yet we are held together by our consciousness and the frequency that connects us with the Earth’s own consciousness.  


While there are two points to remember here. The first is that everything is energy. What looks and feels solid to us is, in fact, a collection of energy frequencies which our brains “see” as being physical but is in fact compacted and compressed frequencies of energy. The other point is that every living thing is a consciousness, a soul. From the Universe itself, the galaxies, solar systems, stars, planets, animals and plants, all are souls. Some exist as a whole soul, some as part of another soul and some as group souls. Nevertheless, all is consciousness, and all is energy. This is how our universe is constructed and how it works – souls using their potential to make use of the energies that are available to them.


It is as it has always been, every soul alive today, chose to play their part in the Human Experiment.  The task we agreed to undertake, is to individually aim to integrate the whole soul within the body.  This was the fundamental question behind life on Earth – was it possible to build a fully physical being who has the whole of the soul/higher self contained within the body, this is part of the fundamental question this Universe was created to answer.


By way of explaining, when we are born, one quarter of our soul is integrated with the human body, our task through life is to learn how to integrate the other three-quarters.  The way life is, we are given multiple opportunities, multiple reincarnations allowing us the time necessary to discover and learn all there is about life on earth.  


Alas, today mankind is in trouble, the Velon are but moments away from achieving their ‘End Game’ and because we’ve fundamentally lost track of why we are here, and the purpose of our existence, unless we quickly wise up, and raise our collective vibration to something less submissive and more akin with a fighting spirit, it's going to be game over. 


Yet, when you understood that there are little more than three million fully integrated souls presently on Earth. While the vast majority of these fully functioning individuals live in tiny communities in isolated regions of the East, so it remains unlikely you will encounter them until you complete your own part of the reintegration process. However, in terms of our human progress, three million is a tiny few of us. Tragically, its a cold truth, because, it means our collective vibration remains so hopelessly weak, that controlled by fear and false authority, we remain like sheep being led to our own slaughter.  It is as it is, a spiritual revolution is the only chance we have of survival. 


Alas, thanks to ‘One Almighty God’ and the total bollox of religion and far too many paedophile priests, the false indoctrination of New Age bullshit, and some Velon fantasy of an imaginary 5th dimension we’re all supposed to be miraculously ascending to. Alas sorry to say, humanity is not transcending to another dimension, instead all we can aspire to is an 'evolved state of being' resonating at a higher frequency right here, on this present Prison Planet until we die. 


Yet today, reality is too many of the population squirm at the very word 'spiritual', whilst other's who are spiritually inclined have been so misled by ‘love and light and fucking unicorns’ they’ve no understanding that their so deemed channelled messages are being fed to them straight from the Hathor faction of the Velon, or that their mass prayer and group meditations ‘to help the Earth’ have only furthered the plans of our Overlords.


It is, it’s funny, most of us are crazier than March hares.  It’s as Joe Strummer always said, “The Hippie movement was a failure.” Alas, no number of visits to a healer or psychoanalyst can help you integrate your own higher self.  The task is that of the individual, it’s up to you, it’s your call, nobody else can do it for you.


To fulfill the purpose of our existence, we must each do our inner work; it’s hard, it’s painful, none of it comes easily. Yet, it is the only way to evolve rightly; you have to look at yourself, you have to heal yourself.  The task is to remove the emotional debris of our lives, and all that is cluttering our minds and bodies, in essence we have to create room, clean house in order for our higher self to move in.  It's necessary to see the bigger picture, recognise where our mind has been programmed, and where our perception is wrong. We must own our reactions and actions, examine our addictions and dependencies, remove the lies we hide behind and all that triggers negative response.  None of this can be achieved overnight, it takes time and demands deep personal change.  It's not comfortable, who wants to feel pain, let alone dive into the depths of where its coming from and what triggered it.  Yet, to evolve, to heal, to become all we are capable of, we have to stop pretending ‘I’ll be alright’ and confront what's behind the sadness and depression. Taking anti-depressants, having a glass of wine, sex, whatever it is, isn't dealing with the issue, it is only suppressing it further.  Which in turn just makes our energy even denser, and ultimately makes us ill.


Whilst in my own opinion, I’d say that the ancient Vedic way of life and philosophy has helped me the most, but again, I say you must find your own way.  While I know the consumption of meat will not help; man’s change in diet over the last hundred years has been one of our Overlords more successful plans to suppress us.  We are what we eat, think and do, and all of this must be examined.  Yet as much as we have to examine our pain, we are also responsible for embracing what we love, we should not deny what makes us happy; not doing what we love only adds to our emotional unhappiness.  To be a fully integrated fully functioning human being – is to know irrepressible joy, and in the lightness of being, you learn you are your own god and the master of manifesting.


Of my own journey, I can say the spiritual path is the hardest thing I’ve ever embarked on.  It’s been like peeling an onion, every time I thought I’d nailed it, something would happen and another whole layer of healing had to be embarked on. So many time’s it’s taken me to my knees, forced me into ever greater solitude to go yet deeper.  However today, I no longer recognise the woman I used to be, all the drama that was once my everyday is long gone, all the ‘what if, when, how and endless mother fucker’s’ that once cluttered my every waking moment have vanished.  I live very simply, I’m no longer driven by endless desires, in truth I have little, and yet I want for nothing.  And while, perhaps I might wish less people perceived me as crazy, and understood the significance and subsequent consequences of all I am trying to express, I remain a woman on my way…  


Yet please understand this, we are existing at a time unlike any other, if mankind is to survive then this is the work, we must each undertake. Right now, as Covid-19 and 5G are showing us, it will be survival of the fittest, and while I fear Bill Gates’s intended vaccine could mark the end for not only many, but the end of life as we know it. Without doubt, I believe the Velon intend to deploy the nano-technology, that will plug us all into their computer master drive, and through genetic manipulation soon have us each nodding as their new Transhuman Slave Race.  Albeit, while we're already drenched in nano-particles, and the tentacles of their plans are in every area of our life, and almost everything we touch.  Their plans are so evolved, and We, The People remain profoundly ignorant. Yet, if we could each recognise the importance of us each being both mentally, physically and spiritually as strong as we can be, our vibration will rise, and they wont be able to control us as they plan.


Yet, there is more to this, because whilst had we not been interferred with, had the process of mankind's development not been thwarted over the last three hundred years, we could have all completed the intergration process by 2012.  It is as it is, this was the Human Plan.  Alas, now today, the Earth's own frequency is changing so rapidly, many of us because we haven't fulfilled our purpose, will be forced to leave the planet, because our energetic frequency will be too dense and no longer compatible for physical life.  I'm sorry, it's really hardcore, but it is the truth, and everything our Overlords have hoped for.


Alas, if you've managed to read to the end of this piece of writing, if you've endured 'my crazy' to comprehend even just some of what I've written.  Then, please understand this, the statistics aren't true, the United Nations will tell you there are 7.8 billion people in the world today, yet the Akashic records state the world population peaked at 7.4 billion in 1996. Since then, it has been rapidly falling to the point where it is currently between 3.5 and 3.4 billion and it is continuing to drop...


Yet hey, what do I know?