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It’s the graffiti. I think of London and the soul of it that has been almost completely lost through its recent years of gentrification and filthy social-cleansing. Today the London I once knew, has vanished. The bustling colourful markets of the Caribbean and African communities almost no more, Brixton and Notting Hill all white supremacy and Residential Estate Agents. London just an over-priced, white washed clinical morgue, dead to all but the mega-rich. There’s no graffiti, but nor is there any spirit left.


Yet here in Athens, the spirit of raw survival is tangible. The despair of the cold world we’ve created; the writing on every wall. Nearly, ten years since the Greek Crisis – Athens is a city alive with the creativity of desperation. The rich now not so rich, the poor and poorer even poorer.  Really it feels a bit like New York did in the late eighties.


Here, removed from all the propaganda of the BBC’s ‘mind-programming’ justifications. The reality is far starker. The wrongness of war harrowed into the face of too many. Here, you can see, touch, the ruthless criminality of the heartless wars inflicted by our Western Leaders.  Here, with just Turkey standing between Syria, and Iraq. When you look at a map and consider the options open to those trying to get the fuck out of the Biological Warfare, presently winning this ever more devastating human cull. Really you wouldn’t go back into Saudi Arabia would you, look at Yemen? There are no options, its like Turkey, Greece or die.


Subsequently, amidst all this migration; the homeless are everywhere. No money to put spikes on the streets here; instead, the truth. Having been homeless and never very far from it; albeit not yet on foreign soil, where you can't speak the language.  I know only that all these souls now languishing in doorways right across Europe and beyond.  Will never get out of the soul destroying complexities of having nothing and no safe place to call home, without the helping hand of another person. It is as it is, yet it makes me wonder just how many more souls will have to live on our streets, before We The People acknowledge absolutely, that we are not living rightly?


I see only deathly hands hounding and haunting our entire human civilization.


Alas now nearly six weeks in Athens, really I’m aware only that my growing passion for this city, stems from my far far deeper concern for humanity itself.


"Really, what are we going to do?"