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Whilst I will remember 2016 as the year of anguish, born of hopless situations and painful finalies. 2017 began in Scotland, visiting a past from long ago, to pay off loads of debts.  A visit not without a couple of shameful moments.


Anyway with my mind like a very deep snow drift, that will take time to thaw. I returned to the Welsh Valley’s to organize to leave the Ugly Kingdom as fast as possible. Beyond its weather, Britain is no longer like the country I was born to. Instead, I recognise only the shinning example of the ruthless hand of a merciless New World Order, and an aggravated harsh environment in which only the poor suffer, or die of manipulted ignorance, derivied of lack of real education.


So purchasing a one way ticket into the abyss; disappearing to remove my neurosis. I arrived in Athens on the 20th January, to stay with my soundest friend and 'sharp spirited' eight-year-old god-daughter. Supposedly maybe to help a bit whilst Tasso was away, but basically I did feck all for a month...... I wrote loads but for what?


Dislocated, Athens embraced me. Living n Thissio, in the shadow of the Acropolis can bring a lot back into perspective. To consider this is the city that first shaped the entire philosophy behind our Western mind. Yet Today, Athens stands as the beautiful but haunting, easy, but very edgy example of the struggles now seriously confronting us all...


How do we survive?