Gallery Intro

NATURE - neither my photographs nor humanity do her the justice she deserves.  She provides everything for us asking nothing in return.  Sadly, forgetting all inter-connectivity to her, seemingly completely desensitized from her, we think it's okay to Frack your mother?

The understanding is that we live in order to learn how to live rightly and thus, how to die rightly.  By her Natural Law, life itself is a game of consequences; both good and evil as they each perpetuate.  Personally I think our 21st Century Civilization is existing in the wrong Gaia.  What are we doing, we're Natural born beings, now struggling to survive in a completley un-natural chemically drenched Alien environment?  

Poisoning, air, earth and water, stripping the earth of all her resources with no consideration for our children and tomorrow. Now manipulating both the weather and the earth's own natural magnetic frequencies - I ask only 'I did not consent?'  Alas this is the world we've created, the bee's are dying, our wildlife has all but disappeared, great shoals of dead fish are spread across our beaches, the birds are falling from the sky and the trees are dying.

Yet still we do not see that we are next. Yet we aren't next; our un-natural way has us dying in ever increasing millions too...