Gallery Intro

Those Days…


Hunting and gathering is a team sport. These are ‘Those Days...’ that I spend with others taking photographs. Sometimes it’s me behind the camera, sometimes it’s them behind it and me in front of it. Either way, its a laugh, a bit of fun, often entailing a tacky gold jacket and keeping your #HoodUp.


When in the city ‘HOOD UP’ often involves graffiti; the grand anarchistic doodle brightening life on every street, train and obvious wall. As the character I am, in the pendulum that is my mind; against a backdrop of all rural and urban experience. I get how, in a rural environment I just want to photograph Nature herself, exactly as she is when untouched by our human hand. Yet in an urban environment, always looking up in order to look out. I see how my love for ‘the writing on the wall’ – is because I revere it for being about the only artistic expression, beyond raw-survival left on our urban streets.


This page is a travelling collage with a montage of mates, taken on a few mindless days.

"Sublime, so cosmopolitan..."

"What the feck?"

“What 2 do?”