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Another year in the life of, really its been a bumpy year, probably not easy for any of us.  It seems December has been the most uneventful month married only to my laptop.  While it is that weird thing about writing, that on one hand the isolation neccessary to do it can be a blessing, on the other hand its like your worst enemy.  Where by the more you write, the more detached from reality you become.

It is considered that 2017 was the year of 'the end of illusion.' Aware only that I've existed in a detached bubble all year, while much of this has to do with spending most of the year in Greece, floating about still totally incapable of being able to understand or speak Greek.  Whilst being linquistically removed and seperated automatically places you in a bubble.  Yet actually, with the amount of time I've spent alone with my laptop this year, I worry my neurons have been electro-magnetically fried by the Wifi of it all.  While this could be true of all of us, honestly, in the consideration of a brand new 2018, I'd like to burst my bubble, spend less time at my laptop and more time taking photographs and painting.

More time in nature, more time actually talking to people, rather than only ever communicating through Facebook's messenger....

Persoanlly, I think it would be healthier??