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Back in Athens, renting Woozy's apartment for a month, supposedly buying a little time to look for a place of my own?  Yet indecision appears to have been the trend; unable to decide whether to stay and settle, or travel and explore? Reality is, its like I've spent the entire year in two minds, one negative, the other positive, yet with neither hanging around for long enough, I know only that equal measures of optimism and pesimism avail no conclusion.

Anyway a month goes past very fast these days, time doesn't seem to dawdle around like it used to.  Then, all of a sudden its the end of November and I still can't conclude to a definitive plan.  The truth is beyond my creative efforts, I seem to have plateaued in a place where I have absolutely no vision of the future, beyond whether to have a second cup of coffee or not??

So, seemingly I'll stay in Athens a little longer...