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Arriving back at A = Athens on the eve of my birthday and well, its all old and auspiscious.  Old England flown. 'The Mother' in my country long dead; with no idea where I wish to settle or travel next. I don't know what next??? Yet out of the Ugly Kingdom and the very moment I touched different land, my soul soared.

I'm out...

What happens next, well, a universal reaction would be good?? Instead, well right now, perhaps my re-evolution needs to come from within. Lost in transition, where am I? Here, ever searching for some missing link that would allow all creativity and experience to make sense? So instead I took a few photo's in Athens and then, clambered on a ferry with Woozy to the island of Ikaria.  Profound in its way, beutiful, haunting - a bit too October for me, the autumn death of summer, not quite warm enough.  As is the picture of perfection on the spotless mind; this lust for a life of permanent sunshine.

Desire the cruelest master.