Gallery Intro

Its as if all creativity has just dissapeared, washed away, feeling like an empty vessel trying to be artistic, is much like Donald Trump trying to gain respect. Try as you might enthusiasm doesn't linger.  Eclipse season, saying goodbye to some things, hello to other's. Yet its all bullshit nothing feels real these days, like the whole world is dislocated by all that is natural being consummed by the unnatural. 

Taking few photographs, doing little painting, writing but in a kind of directionless and dissipated fashion.  A creative crisis, a mid-life crisis, or just electro-magnetically fried by the enviromental conditions and this time spent absorbed by a computer?? Which ever, everything is 'Eat, sleep, work reapeat...' and really, lack of lustre for being in Britain, craving the sun, and feeling like I'm missing the love of this Summer 2017...

But then again, perhaps this sense of entrapment is good for me?