Gallery Intro

Photographing moving objects, 101 SALAD DODGERS is a series of snapshots taken in the crowd.  A photographic portrait of the real unairbrushed British Waistline.  Heading away from the pages of Vogue and GQ; in the nearly fifty years of my life, I've paid witness to the gradual mutation of mankind.  Fat people used to live in America, now they're everywhere.  How did this happen?

Rolling up my sleeves; where do we begin?

This is a cull, and Monsanto and an absolutely corrupt Food Industry are the culpable. 

We are NATURAL-born-beings, tied to a system that feeds us an unnatural-diet of chemicals and pharmacuticals???

Wising up and rising up, "Ffs, WE THE PEOPLE NEED HEALING" Yet we can only heal ourselves?