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It affects me, as dull and as overcast as the British weather is, it drains the soul. Living in the shadows without light for extended periods becomes you. Makes the mind a part of its Matrix; ever dawdling towards the dark side. That gnarled old world 'where sun dies' I know it well...

Yet add to the weather that life is tricky, couple it with the general downturn that grips my mother country as it's sold out to the dogs of class and capitalism, its amazing how tricky life can become.  Whilst some may think what's happening globally doesn't affect us personally and deeply, I disagree.  With nearly half a century of Britishness in my blood, standing witness to such change in these 'once green and now predominantly peasant lands' I see and feel only the collective suffering.

Karma for endorsing the Royal, Religious and Military Elite that rule us? 

Alas who am I to change this world, or kill its cruel masters? When personally, I shall remember July for being trapped, stranded in a portal of time, like 'Hotel California' somewhere in a country you don't want to be, yet without enough money to leave. 

There's nothing jolly in that; a refugee in my own country?