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With thanks to Marlene and a Greek friend living in California, I’ve now a small handful of English speaking Greek friends to hang out with. Whilst renting an apartment in Psiri, both joining a gym and swimming everyday has me feeling almost normal again. Couple it with the sunshine and sense of spring in Athens and actually, at last Britain feels further and further away. Yet really I’m existing in a bubble. My Greek remains non-existent, struggling to define even the simplest of words, I do, I live in an impenetrable bubble, removed and separated from external influence, untouched by passing conversations or mindless chitchat. I am just bubbling about, my time seemingly profoundly singular and contemplative.


Like a great reassessment of all and everything that has gone before, I can’t ever remember a time like this; time to stop and think. Certainly my gratitude for life is rising, against the displaced homelessness and the Smack Head jacking up outside my front door; I’ve known my demons, yet have I really? A roof over my head, a little money in my pocket; beyond the daunting state of our 21 Century...


The universe is being really good to me.