Meat Eating Alters Transcendence

While what I’m about to write will be interpreted as to the level of spiritual evolvement of the individual mind reading these words. Just as it is possible for me the writer of this piece, to ascertain an individual’s level of spiritual awareness by the food they eat.

As a global consideration, spiritual conscious awareness is not common; instead its been commonly suppressed. As confirmed by there being less than ten percent of the global population being committed Vegetarians. Whilst the Google statistics are dated 2014, the estimate is that there are only 375 million Vegan/Vegetarian’s in the global population. An approximate 10% of the population? A rough 10% of the population spiritually aware enough to comprehend the impact of ingesting trauma, and acknowledging how it stifles the energetic resonance of our natural-human vibration, duly dulling our true consciouness.

Yet hey, who wants to think about the spiritual shit?? When you can smell the bacon and can’t resist a sausage? I admit struggling with vegetarianism for year’s before I finally accepted I couldn’t eat meat any more. I grew up eating meat, my grand-mother was a butcher’s daughter; my grandfather helped change the whole face of British Agriculture, Mass Food Production and subsequently, the eating habits of the whole Western World. Yet while this might explain my vegetarian struggles, it can also be concluded that I more than many other’s, have more reason, more right, more heavy family karma, and more knowledge with which to make ‘this meat eating shenanigan’ null and void than most.

As is the history of human evolvement, existing within a ‘War on our Consciousness’ defines the 21st Century as no easy place for any of us to exist. Living under a constant barrage of clandestine tactics bent on our civilizations spiritual suppression, none of us stand unaffected. Certainly, contemporary existence is a situation, by which we can not necessarily ascertain the education and information we’re given is correct. Personally in my own experience, everything I first considered as true, is an untruth, an embellishment to keep society from our greater spiritual course.

At least, this is my discovery. As with flipping a coin; we wake up. Duly understanding life as a Game of Consequences. A repercussion of negative or positive dependent on our individual and collective actions. The pattern ever cyclical, until we break it. Cracking these habitual patterns, of thought and action is the more challenging, yet this is the more spiritual journey. Knocked from the path, how else do we get back on track?

To consider that a hundred years ago, for most eating meat was a luxury indulged in maybe once a week for Sunday lunch. Using Britain as the example, following the first World War, through the 1920’s we were a country struggling to feed itself. It was through the 1930’s, in the shadow of the second World War, the whole face of Agriculture was set to change. Whilst the greatest change, to rural life and its community was the development of the tractor. Altering the aesthetic of the British landscape, ripping out the ditches, hedges and spinneys, the land was cleared to create larger land mass for greater arable production. This was the beginning, of what over the next fifty years would turn agriculture into Britain’s greater industry.

Duly revolutionizing our eating habits, evolving a vast Food Production Industry and altering the trend from eating meat once a week, to consuming it at nearly every meal. Today, the statistics are staggering, with an excess of 56 billion animals being slaughtered and consumed globally every year. While a further hundred million animals are hunted, 2,700 billion fish are fished from the wild, while a further 1000 billion farmed fish are consumed. As I said, the figures are staggering, 3000 animals are killed globally in abattoirs every three seconds???

Yet while man is considered a natural herbivore, we’ve become ‘behavioural omnivores’ merely opting to eat meat, in other words while we choose to eat meat, it is not necessary to our human well-being. Which is the point, it is not necessary for mankind to devour 56 billion animals a year. Yet as I understand this situation, this shift, this change in our eating habits over the last century, is just another global manipulation of the human race.

Existing in an energetic and vibrational universe in which we are all connected. Yet we are living in an Alien Nation, one that over hundreds of years has gained control by suppressing our greater human spirituality by distorting the line between right and wrong, by slowly manipulating our minds with religion, money and military force. Today the collective mind is so morphed and twisted, we freely accept the unacceptable as acceptable; war, royal and religious supremacy, Donald Trump, eating meat?

However, whilst we know at a core level war is inexcusable, that today’s weapons of war and mass-destruction demonstrate a ruthless and unjustifiable inhumanity. Yet we believe and accept that we are powerless to our government’s and can’t stop these atrocities? Just as we fund and endorse the obscene wealth of both the church and our royal families, whilst millions starve? Ever aware of the fundamental injustice and wrongness of it all, yet we’ll still line the streets waving our acceptance at the grandiose cost of another royal wedding??

As with, we’re all aware of the deplorable suffering inflicted upon animals throughout the process of meat production, yet we continue to consume it?? While this our world is a collective responsibility, ignoring what we know to be true, only highlights our shabby spirituality and addled morality.

Yet as is the age old saying ‘we are what we eat.’ Whilst I’m a floating vibration of coffee and chocolate croissant’s, that should eat more fruit. This is how we are, we are what we think, we are what we consume; all that we ingest mentally and physically manifests energetically in our delicate human system. Whilst the energy of a croissant exudes an energetically dull vibrancy in comparison to a bowl of freshly cut fruit. Alas as with devouring your grand-mother, in eating an animal we consume all the genetic and emotional history of the beast.

Whilst this creates a vote for eating organically produced and humanly killed meat. I remain adamant that this expanded rise in our consumption of meat, is directly correlated with the violence in the world, or certainly the acceptance of violence in this world. The Dog's of War - it is so, we eat like dogs. As the musician Carlos Santana said "I don’t eat meat because meat brings out negative qualities such as fear, anger, anxiety, aggressiveness, etc. Vegetables peacefully offer themselves to the earth when ripe, thus allowing a sublime and peaceful thought-consciousness."

Certainly, as much as we human’s desire freedom from corporate enslavement, so too does the Animal Kingdom. In a life time of working with animals, I understand their emotional responses are exactly the same as our human ones, they respond to love and hostility just as we do. Thus, in a universe of dynamic energy, if we wish to shift the mire of negativity that our 21st Century Society is presently squelching in, changing our treatment and ruthless domination of the Animal Kingdom is a predominant part of healing both ourselves and our planet.

Whilst two people die every second, as I keep trying to reiterate, the 3,000 animals being slaughtered in abattoirs every second is a massive karmic injustice. Yet, as Dr. Colin Campbell of The China Health Project states "In my view, no chemical carcinogen is nearly so important in causing human cancer as animal protein." It is as it is, seemingly what goes around comes around and everything has its cause and effect.

However, meat eater or not, none of us are ignorant of the environmental issues facing us. Thich Nhat Hanh wrote “By eating meat we share the responsibility of climate change, the destruction of our forests, and the poisoning of our air and water. The simple act of becoming a vegetarian will make a difference in the health of our planet.”

While personally I consider the ionization of the atmosphere, the clandestine geoengineering and subsequent drenching of Barium and Aluminium into our skies as the true reason behind the catastrophic changes in our climate. However, reality is our water resources are being depleted rapidly, yet it takes 15,415 US litres of water to produce one kg of beef, 9,000 litres of water to produce a kg of pork, and 4,325 to produce one kg of chicken.

It is as it is, 660 gallons of water to produce a single beef burger??? Its insanity, surely the collective consideration has to be preservation for the generations to come?  Alas instead in less than a hundred year's, we've trashed this planet, ignoring all Nature's own laws, we have poisoned air, water and earth, and now in turn, we are all being poisoned.  Whilst I absolutely believe that we are all subject to a global and deathly manipulation intent on our de-population, the intention of our adversaries being to gain Full Spectrum Dominance over the human race, with the objective of stripping our planet of all its resources. 

It is as it is, the truth is out there; yet 'meat eating alters transcendence' it stops us rising to a higher vibration of consciousness, by keeping our collective mind stifled and stuck to a lower vibration, not only are we easier to dominate, but in this state of 'unconscious ignorance' nor do we see what is the real truth to our human demise.  Alas, this is the truth behind the meat and dairy industry...

Reality is the dark forces at work are far more cunning than most of us could ever imagine.  Really what mankind is facing is overwhelming.  Yet before an appropriate response 'to get mankind back on track' can be masterminded, a massive shift in human consciousness is needed.  Only this, only greater human awareness can initiate global transformation, and what will be a long period of reconstruction and healing ahead of us all.  Yet if there is one single act that will transform our society, save our world from destroying itself, then, I beg you to eat less meat...


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