For the LOVE




In the fairytale of all creative imagination, this tune fuels my Ninja. Lights my Joan of Arc, the warrior in my nature. Makes me all ‘avant-on-guard’ with my avant-garde. It’s the lyrics.


Imagining myself in the front line of a vast scruffy un-uniformed gathering of The People, standing unbending in the fight, for what is the greater good of ourselves, our communities and our biosphere.


A massive strength in number, bent on freedom.





Each of us alive today, ‘to play our part’ in outwitting these our 21st Century Oppressors and defeating the Mega Corps.


It is the dream. The fairytale of all creative imagination; blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth’ and all that.


I’m not wrong, am I?


It is what most of The People of the 21st Century want?




Freedom from ‘Our Global Enslavement...’


Which is exactly what these French lyrics decree, here, translated to English;


From this moment, freedom will be something alive and transparent, and will remain forever, the heart of man.

It is decreed that from now on,

the truth is a value

It is decreed that from now on,

the life is a value

It is decreed that from now on,

People will never need to doubt of somebody else

People will trust each other

Like the palm tree trusts the wind

It is decreed that the greatest suffering has always been, and will always be, the incapacity to give love to whom we love.

It is decreed that it will never be necessary to use the armor of silence, or the reinforcement of words. The man will sit at the table with a pure look.

Only one thing remains forbidden,

To love without love...


Quite a track. As I said, sublime lyrics.


I lug it about and pull it out, when I need to remind myself of my stoic commitment to ‘The People’s cause and our need for LOVE.'


This whole UNIVERSAL LOVE thing, none of us seem to get it? To live within it, to embrace all things with it?


I forget.



All too often squirming furious at the truth, hating its ugliness, baulking at the grisly bits, angry, dismayed at the arrogance, sickened by the evil. Yet these emotions weaken me. They hold no courage; yet love is courageous...



To see all things with just love. Tricky to begin with, such intuitive beings, we make judgements so swiftly. Yet in practice, the pay off for seeing even the worst evil with love, is of immeasurable bonus. Removing the duality of love and hate, kills the fight. With just ‘one love’ with no push or pull between conflicting extremities; the soul can integrate, know peace.


While it’s taken me a tormented life ‘of love and hate’ to fully understand the power of thought. I note, that when we think with love we breath deeper, we expand ourselves. Yet as is its limitation, thought’s of hate appear to come with a short breath. This tune reminds me to love whole heartedly, to be fearless with it. Uncompromising. In a universe of dynamic energy ‘love itself' is the ultimate tool.


Alas the modern curriculum doesn't include 'either the tools, or the knowledge' neccessary to understand the dynamic universe we truly exist in.  If they did, nobody would ever conform to the System or join the army.


In the word’s of a wise healer I know, “KosieT, just live in the Love, stop going back to the Old World because you want to pick a fight. Rest that Ninja.”


She’s right. Yet it’s taken me a life time to tame my angst. Pouring anger into situations, raging about politics, war, money, and religion 'this my loathing of men in suits and uniform...'



Yet where’s the love, in that?


Really, what't the point? Its just misplaced energy, my rage was never to any avail. The Queen's still on her throne.


So wiser, older now, I’ve actually learnt to sit patiently on the banks of time’s river, and wait for my enemies to float by. Now, not really caring.


Only trusting it will happen. Yet in Universal time. When the Universe decides. I will witness the Old World die. It’s coming down and ‘I will play my part’ in dismantling it, for this I am sure. Yet I don’t live there any more.


Here, in the new world...


Timidly at first, but I do believe The People will ultimately wise and rise beyond ‘the false god’s, the religion, the money and the military of the Old World.’ They will remember. I did, other’s will too. There will be a universal reaction.  We will reclaim the truth and hopefully our lands.


Yet only when Christmas is no longer celebrated will I absolutely believe, the Old World to be truly dead.



This is my grail, and this is Winter Solstice 2017.


Welcome to the new Aquarian Age. Where we exist in love absolutely...’ as whispered, by the dreamy lover I know as myself. Standing at the forefront of a vast gathering of souls, bent on building ourselves a bountiful and infinitely better grand new era.


This is THE LOVE.