The Magic in MARLENE


We all need that friend you can steal horses with.


We met year’s ago. Through a friend in London, she was his scruffy new girlfriend. Twenty something years later, the only reason I’m licking my Ugly Kingdom wounds here in Athens, is because Marlene lives here. It's what we do isn’t it, when we hurt, we head where we feel safe.





Marlene is family; I remember her teaching my son to tie his shoe laces, I’m her daughter’s god-mother. The bonds are strong and yet whilst the year’s pass and we clock up ever more shared experience’s, there is much more to all of this.





Whilst our friendship was long confirmed, it was what happened the night before I left London to live in Scotland, back in January 2000. That validated not only our friendship, but clarified all that is the intangible and esoteric, as ever more real.





Whilst I question myself every day, reality is I don’t know who I am. Yet extraordinarily for whatever purpose in this life’s understanding, I’ve been given, presented with, so many experiences that have been out of this world. Beyond explanation, beyond anything I could ever truly explain to another, and yet these visions and dreams I’ve experienced have been numerous and each perception altering. Pushing my mind beyond the limitations of previous comprehension, duly demanding greater or different understanding. It is as it is I’ve lived a life guided by a force far greater than myself. Pulled by the invisible strings of a vast collective, I do not call God, but know as my ancestors.





Anyway as I said it was the evening before I left London, Marlene appeared to say goodbye. O was watching Cartoon Network or something, and the two of us were sitting with him, having a girly chat in front of the fire drinking a cup of tea. It is exactly as it was, Marlene sitting in front of me, offering the update on her latest news and nuances.





Feck knows what she was talking about. Today, I remember only her expressive Jamaican German theatrical way.  Me, content listening to her, when out of the nowhere, alert, gripped by a tingling sense, eyes now wide, I’d observed Marlene’s face begin to mutate, morphing into an old man, then a woman, then a little boy, an elder man, a beautiful young woman. Face after face, like one of those Flicker books, just a swift flash of a different person seated before me. Rapid faces, maybe thirty or forty, I don't know, it was just a sequence, a pictorial.  The imagery there, then gone.





Profound. Frozen in wtf? Marlene still talking; it took a moment to understand, to assimilate the message in what I'd been shown. The understanding that dawned, was that in all the faces I’d just seen. Male, female, young, old, and yet the one thing that never changed in each of those human guises - was Marlene’s eyes.





Perceiving all those faces to be ‘The Marlene’ a soul that my soul has obviously known in many lives. Absolutely, this is what I believe. About to leave London, I viewed this message as complete.  I've never questioned it. Marlene, no fickle friend, ours a bond not to be broken. I accept; yet what remains ever uncanny in this understanding of our friendship, is how she proves time and time again, that she knows me, far better than I know myself...



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