‘This is her desk; it's piled high with things she wants to do, create, change and alter.  A woman, a mother and an artist; the crowned queen of her own realm, this is her kingdom…’

‘Who was Christian Goldman?’

‘Who am I?’ its a question I’ve asked myself so often. Older now, I understand only that the 21st Century is no easy place for any of us to exist. Living at a point in time being billed as ‘the end of times’ I am a woman sensitive to the prevailing environment and the culpable myth of untruth that has become us all.

As a mother, prepared to fight like a savage beast to protect my child, I don’t see these as ‘the end of times’ the vision instead, is for the end of the old world and the building of a grand new one.

However in the consideration of building a grand new Aquarian Age, one in which our children are safe, our communities thrive once more and nature blossoms again. We are all confronted with a period of transition, an extended period of healing and reconstruction ahead of us.

Alive, aware and consciously focussed on how to to help. The words of Oliver Wendell Holmes ring in my ears ‘Life is a romantic business, it is painting a picture not doing a sum, but you have to make the romance, and it will come to the question of how much fire you have in your belly.’

'What 2 do?'

‘Find your crew?’



As a woman who thinks, my psychological expedition has always been infinitely more interested in our universe’s more esoteric considerations. A life lost to the lesser trodden path, rambling about looking for clues and signs left by our forgotten forbearer’s to guide us back to some ancient lost truth. Alas it has taken me years to de-programme myself from the manipulations of what I know of our Capitalistic World. As an anti-political, anarchistic English aristocrat, mine's been a tricky cross to carry. Born a misfit, very wary of normal contemporary existence, I feel like I’ve spent most of my life in hiding, or biding time. Waiting for the right moment to speak my truth…

Yet I’ve had so much to learn, harsh experiences like chevron stripes ever pushing both me, and humanity itself, to again embrace our far greater spiritual chic. War is not acceptable. Alas, its 2017 – the Old World must die before the new one can be fully formed. Thus seemingly both me and all of humanity are now on the bridge ‘lost in the somewhere’ in between?

Having lived on both sides of the track and actually, particularly close to the edge, I understand the whereabouts of madness. Yet I also understand how none of us are free until we all recognise, we’ve been duped and hard-wired into the wrong mainframe.

Programmed to believe War as acceptable???



We’ve been hoodwinked. 

Programmed to deny our truth, to accept the unacceptable as acceptable. Trained to fight amongst ourselves.

Now seemingly our civilization has never been so weak; so war torn, so fucked over and fracked up by hundreds of years of being spiritually suppressed by a Royal, Religious and Military Class System, that we continue to endorse?? So hopelessly programmed to 'this System' now so marked into our DNA, generation after generation of us accepting it as the norm, we do not see how it is has been ever bent on destroying us. Noam Chomsky, a man rightfully considered as one of the greatest intellect's of our time, wrote The general population doesn't know what's happening, and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know.'

It is as it is and so we continue to stand at these Sceptres on Remembrance Day. Mourning our lost children, wearing our blood red Poppies of allegiance to our leaders, to ‘Queen & Country’ and all the political, religious and military pomp and circumstance that dictates. Blindly unaware that these Sceptres are the alters of our own mass-human-sacrifice and what is a vast Depopulation Agenda. Unbelievable, yet with my life, I know this is the real delusion of this grand macabre illusion, the one that hides ‘the Alien Nation’ we are now wholly enslaved to.

‘Ffs what to do?’

‘Get back on truck???’



It’s difficult, amidst the propaganda, misinformation and outright lies, what is the truth?? We The People are struggling; to many breaking down, not up. How do we all get safely over the bridge and into a grand new Aquarian Age? I’m not certain, but here at my desk is the adventure of the journey. What is my objective? Well if I’m passionately honest, I dream of fearlessly dismantling the Old World, breaking-down the programming of 'the Establishment' and reawakening all slumbering souls to the understanding ‘We’re all in this together.’

'It's a multi-dimensional experience.'

'If only we would remember, we live within a seen and an unseen world, all is interconnected.'

Today, slaves to the system and ourselves. The wealthy as ignorant as the poor are uneducated. None of us are free of the negative programming, Yet in this War on our Consciousness it is 'us and them and all of us' needed now to outwit 'the culpable few' and stop the global destruction.

‘BeJesus what to do?’

Remain strong, be Punk...

...peacefully unite.

Alas, existing in this mode of raw survival taking photographs, writing a bit, maybe vlogging and blogging a bit, painting a bit, making tunes, whatever, all I really know is this…

‘While there is a lower class, we are in it,

While there is a criminal element, we are of it,

While there is a soul in prison, we are not free...’ Eugene V. Debs

The race is on… The future in our own hands, only mass-individual commitment to self-change, can create a universal transformation.

For me the story is one of HEALING, and 'playing my part' as one of the blessed meak who will inherit the earth.

Thus this is my desk, piled high with all that is my ART & HEART and a dream for something better than this.

O to rebuild a world where LOVE is the only thing that exists...